The next step…..

Hello and welcome to the next step in Kat’s domination of the world! (of warcraft) 😀

Seriously though, welcome to the Roflmiao Podcast. This is a new venture, collaboration or whatever you want to call it between myself (Katarnas) and Cantor (the other guy). As the readers of Resto is Epic will be aware, Cantor is my evil horde twin. Except he does dps, and is a HC raider not casual. Oh alright, he is just another druid and not an evil twin^^ Happy now? Though on a tangent, the idea of some little homunculus is appealing, thinking Evil Dead II and “good Ash” and “bad Ash”, I could have a “good Kat” and “bad Kat” hmmm, will have to hunt out the Necronomicon and see what I can do 😀

For now though, back to business.  Cantor and Kat are just two guys approaching one goal (end game raiding) from two separate directions – Katarnas from the Alliance, casual healing perspective and Cantor from the Horde, heroic dpsing side.

So as well as Cantor making some guest posts on my blog, we decided it would be fun to get together and come up with some kind of a podcast idea – after all we should get followers simply through having British accents regardless of what we say 😀

The aim is nothing too ambitious (I learnt that lesson when I started RiE – 4-5 complete informative posts a week – yh right), so we will be looking to pop out a cast once every few weeks, maybe once a month. We will discuss general warcrafty type stuff, but with a druidic focus if required.

There you have it, the idea behind Roflmiao and what it hopes to be. First upload should be tomorrow.

Contact details will be around other places as well, but I will put them here as well

Katarnas: @restoisepic
Cantor: @shredable

Email: (will get a proper one if this takes off)


~ by Kat (Resto is Epic) on November 26, 2011.

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