Episode 2 – 4.3 and all that

Wow we made it to a second episode 😀

In this episode we ramble a bit about what we think of the 4.3 changes to our class, the new LFR, Dragon Soul and so on. We also chat about some more MoP talent stuff and generally witter on as we do.

Enjoy 🙂

Also, a belated shoutout for @_kawazu_ I didn’t notice your retweet until I had finish editing and had upload the episode 🙂

Quick Clarification:
Over zealous editing from me made it sound like Cantor was complaining about something when he wasn’t. When he talks about the dps check of Ultraxion, his point is actually about the way the frontal attacking messes up feral kitties and that they lose dps from not being able to shred, rather than complaining that Ultraxion is purely a dps check. Sorry Cantor 🙂


We can be reached as follows:
@resto is epic on twitter
Katarnas on Chamber of Aspects EU

@shredable on twitter
Cantor on Emerald Dream EU


~ by Kat (Resto is Epic) on December 11, 2011.

One Response to “Episode 2 – 4.3 and all that”

  1. Good stuff, heard it from start to end once again.

    Always nice to hear the different small stories of events that has taken place recently.

    keep dishing em out, and ill be sure to listen to em 🙂

    Cantor´s Boss.
    Lobbe 😛

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