Episode 5 – Into the Mists

This time around we chat about the latest breaking news – the MoP beta (Cantor has it and Kat doesn’t) and we discuss some of the various announced changes and what it is like in there (and for some reason a giant carrot^^).

Due to connection issues there was a slight recording issue so unfortunately we are missing a chunk of the intro and some of the sound quality may be a bit odd, but hopefully the rest is patched together ok.


We can be reached as follows:
@restoisepic on twitter
Katarnas on Chamber of Aspects EU
Restokat on Skype

@shredable on twitter
Cantor on Emerald Dream EU


~ by Kat (Resto is Epic) on March 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Episode 5 – Into the Mists”

  1. Note that there are a couple of errors within the podcast due to how little time I’d been in the Beta. The Feral spec DOES still have access to Infected Wounds, and you can kind of respec by activating your secondary spec then reactivating your primary, which wipes all of your talents.

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