About Cantor

Cantor is a Heroic raider, casual-ish PvPer and Feral Druid; he has tanked and DPSed everything in the game since starting Cantor 2 weeks after launch in Vanilla. A passionate Druid player, Cantor has participated in 2 of the 3 expansion beta tests to date and has also been responsible for reams of posts on the official forums, some of which (notably regarding aesthetic changes to Bear and Cat forms) have sparked thousands of replies and filled over 600 pages of responses. As a Heroic raider, Cantor has killed nearly every hardmode boss in the game with the exception of Sinestra, Al’akir and Ragnaros, who is being worked on at the moment in 10-man mode.

You can reach Cantor on:
Twitter – @Shredable
In-game – Cantor <Omen>, Emerald Dream EU


2 Responses to “About Cantor”

  1. Go go go!

    Nah, hope this project takes off the ground friend, always a pleasure listening to thee 🙂

    Your Boss

  2. Cantor needs to Shred moar!

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