About Katarnas

Katarnas is a casual raider, very rare PvPer and a resto druid as well as GM and RL of Peep Derple. He has been playing since just before the start of Wrath and has been healing and raidleading since the start of ICC. Kat also has a feral OS for tanking as he loathes dps’ing with a passion 😀

Unlike Cantor, Kat is only really responsible for vast quantities of posts on the Peep Derple guild website and hasn’t had quite the success of Cantor on the official wow forums.

Kat will also enlarge when he can think of something suitable^^

You can reach Kat on:
Twitter – @restoisepic
Email – restoisepic@gmail.com
In game – Katarnas <Peep Derple>, Chamber of Aspects EU


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